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The First CCB-certified compliance seminar succesfully organized in Serbia

On Thursday, June 9 ABC Compliance ltd. organized a seminar on the topic “Requirements for compliance with integrity standards in contractual relations between Serbian companies and international corporations and international financial institutions.” The seminar was held in Belgrade.

Bojan Bajić, director of ABC Compliance ltd. and one of the lecturers, greeted the participants and expressed satisfaction that after more than ten years of experience and work, a regional group engaged in consulting and education in the field of business compliance, of which ABC Compliance is a part, came to the Serbian market.

Lecturers at the seminar, Bojan Bajić, Mila Crnogorac Bajić and Višnja Marilović, helped participants expand their knowledge of international regulations and integrity standards that international companies and third parties, including their partner companies from Serbia, are obliged to comply with. They also pointed out how to prevent the risk of sanctions, penalties and termination of collaboration agreements in case the obligations of compliance with integrity standards stated in regulations and agreements are not being applied, and how to integrate preventive measures into business processes and internal regulations.

Satisfaction with the seminar was also expressed by participants, compliance professionals who came from different industries, pharmacy, telecommunications, IT and construction.